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Biometric security process for authenticating identity and credit cards, visas, passports and facial recognition


Biometric security procedure for the manufacture of identity cards and credit cards, visas and passports containing a face image (5) of the holder, including the steps of carrying out an analysis of face features corresponding to said face image (5), comparing said features with master/pattern features of a data base, and obtaining by said analysis a set of master/pattern features that is characteristic of the face image of the holder. Said set of master/pattern features corresponds to a specific numeric encoding determined by a number of each of the master/pattern features making up said set of master/pattern features. Said numeric encoding or a corresponding colour encoding made up by coloured lines in form of a grecque or filigree, is printed on the identity card. The invention also relates to a procedure for authentication of an identity or credit card, visa or passport manufactured according to the procedure of the invention, and to a procedure of facial recognition.

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