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Door window sensor, monitors the open/close status of doors/windows

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1)Module with protection cover, make signal more stable, anti-jamming ability stronger.
2)Advanced voltage stabilizing circuit, make it works more stably and reliably.
3)MCU:low power consumption, longer standby time. Fast awakening from sleep mode,
shorter reaction time.
4)Alkaline battery LR03,its lifespan can reach 6000times trigger. Easier to buy and replace.
5)lmported electric components, ensure its sensitivity and stability.

Battery LR03-1.5VIAAA*2 (Alkaline battery)
Battery Life 6000 times trigger
Standby Current 8uA
Alarm Current 70mA~120mA
Wireless Type 2.4GHz
Wireless Standard lEEE 802.11b/g/n
Working Temperature O'C~40C(32F~104F)
Working Humidity 20%~85% RH
Storage Temperature 0C~60C (32F ~140F )
Storage Humidity 0%~90% RH
App Tuya smart or Smart life
System Supports Android 4.4and i0S 8.0or newer
Material ABS
Size (Main body):71mmx25mm x20 mm
  (Small body):36mm x 10mm x 17 mm


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